Getting big and strong is easy to understand in theory. Punching Tickets Baseball is dedicated to training athletes, ages 12+, Driveline protocols and the Jaeger throwing programs. It won’t always be like this for everyone. Axe Handle – This is one of the more distinctive features of the Axe bat. The bat is built with “aerospace-grade alloy” that boosts results and keeps it in use for a long time. This Beast Speed is a one-piece, all-aluminum bat. DeMarini The Goods WTDXGOC-20 One BBCOR Baseball Bat 2020(-3) - 34inch/31oz Each group dry-swung a bat 20 sets of five swings each with 20 seconds rest between sets, 3 days a week for 6 weeks. Objects typically produced on a lathe include table legs, candlesti… Designed for highly motivated high school and college players, this is the only performance-hitting system that relies exclusively on bats with axe-shaped handles. Increase bat speed, hit the ball harder and give your young hitter/team the edge. This Easton Beast Speed -10 USA Baseball Bat (YBB19BS10) will differ from the Ghost X as the bats are built differently. +4.8 mph exit speed increase, on average, over the first eight weeks of the program! Axe Bat Speed Trainers feature durable, BlastWall barrels engineered for one-sided hitting. You get Axe precision-skill bats, and 24 weeks of guided in-season and out-of-season training by Driveline. Get a set today. SKLZ, as one example, developed a product of three bats called the AMMO bat system. Extended shipping times are expected under current, Study Breakdown: Stride Leg Ground Reaction Forces Predict Throwing Velocity – (5:05), Study Breakdown: Increase Carry Distance and X-Factor Stretch Through An External Focus – (4:57), Study Breakdown: Biomechanical Comparisons Among FB, SL, CB and CH Pitch Types – (5:51), Lesson 12 – Real World Application – (08:21). Improves bat control and reduces pain by controlling the velocity of oscillations which hammer the knob between the fingers and hypothenar area of the palm. Axe Bat Youth Speed Trainers Hitting System (2 Bat Set) with Driveline Training Program Visit the Axe Store. The control group used a legal bat of their choice. The Axe Bat Speed Trainers give you a proven hitting system with all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve better mechanics, higher exit speeds, and more barrel control, right out of the box. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. – The Axe Bat Speed Trainer is actually two different bats. Altering the biomechanics of throwing to improve throwing efficiency You probably thought you were getting into a program that focused on #1, but #2 is also materially important! Improves performance based on bat handle kinematics and enhanced grip stability, 3. – INCREASE BAT SPEED with Driveline Baseball’s proven training programs to use year round for improving bat speed, barrel control and power. Stronger athletes that swing more efficiently create higher exit velocities. Axe Bats L178G Youth Speed Trainers (set of 2) Elite step-by-step guided hitting skills, and swing improvement system right out of the box. Each purchase includes access to a comprehensive library of drill videos, demonstrating how to execute the drills in our programs correctly. These three aluminum bats come in a normal weighted bat, 20% heavier and another that is 20% lighter. Unlock next-level bat speed, exit velocity, and an optimal swing plane with three Axe Bat Speed Trainers and four unique 12-week training modules designed for both in-season and out-of-season work. Standard Axe™ Handle for Speed + Control Single Billet, Pro Grade-A Hard Maple 12 Weeks of In-Season Training, 12 Weeks of Out-Of-Season Training, plus advanced sessions, from Driveline Baseball. A Barrel-Loaded Overload bat, a Hand-Loaded Overload bat, and an Underload bat. 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These weighted training bats come with easy-to-follow drills, complete with illustrations, instructions, and a clearly defined training schedule for using each of the three weighted Axe Bat Speed Trainers to help you understand exactly what to do to improve exit velocity. Axe Bats, a division of Baden Sports, Inc., today unveiled its full line of aluminum, composite, and wood bats for 2017. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. The traditional baseball bat owes its shape to a machine known as a lathe. The bat speed program gradually increases reps and intensity throughout the year, varying drill-work between in-season and off-season programs. What is it? As an example, although we aren’t sure, most expected the CAT 9 to drop in May. BASEBALL - For High School and College players, or any BBCOR -3 hitter. MB50 Axe Bat 2 5/8″ (Courtesy Baden Sports) Origin L144E Axe Bat 2 5/8″ (Courtesy Baden Sports) The $129.99 MB50 differs from the $99.99 L144E Origin big barrel only in appearance and the tape used for the handle, so any experience with the MB50 applies to the L144E as well. Marietta was among the first college baseball programs in the country to switch to Axe Bat. speed (light baseballs) 2. Price: $299.99 & FREE Shipping: This fits your . Right now I am using the axe bat speed program. 6. It is supposed to help improve the range of motion, allowing you to gain greater bat speed and control. Because of the Axe Bat handle design, these training bats are specifically reinforced to allow for years of hits. Increase your bat speed with these 5 tips. A lathe is a machine tool that rotates an item on its axis so a worker can perform operations such as sanding or cutting while maintaining symmetry around the axis of rotation. Designed for highly motivated high school and college players, this is the only performance-hitting system that relies exclusively on bats with axe … The Barrel Turn (Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth) If you've read any of the content on this site, you know that there is a clear correlation in all of the great hitters, they turn the barrel. Designed for highly motivated youth players, this is the only performance-hitting system that relies exclusively on bats with axe-shaped handles. Fall 2020-Winter/Spring 2021 Tentative Schedule **Log into our Online Registration program for specific times and dates. Description. Bat Speed Program Registration Available Now. The Axe Bat Speed Trainer gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve faster bat speeds with more barrel control for harder, longer hits. We have consulted with 5 MLB teams, 100s of Pro Players and Colleges of all sizes. The Axe Bat handle is new to baseball but rapidly gaining traction with Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia, Carlos Correa, George Springer, and Kurt Suzuki all using axe-handled bats during the 2016 season. Anyone who has done a serious weighted bat training program knows how easily underload bats can dent or break even from tee or front toss work. Other variables play a role such as lifting, sleep, nutrition, and how many days a week you are using weighted bats. The Axe Bat Speed Trainer gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve faster bat speeds with more barrel control for harder, longer hits. The Axe Bat produced an average exit velocity on hard hit balls of 88.6 mph, whereas the round-handled bat average was 3 mph slower at 85.6 mph. Axe Bat Speed Trainer. Axe Bat Axe Bat Speed Trainers are overloaded and/or under loaded by 20% for use with Driveline's programs. It was created to let kids get a faster, cleaner swing that lets them catch up to even the fastest heat from the competition. Reduces hamate bone and ulnar nerve injuries, and incidents of thrown bats, by removing localized pressures from the hypothenar region.” See the study in more detail here. Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. ** Nov 10-Dec 17- Fall- Tues, Thurs. Lets take a look at how to increase your bat speed. Designed for Grades 3-9 . Creates additional bat rotational speed by adding force over a greater swing angle, 5. This is key to the system as overload/underload training is most effective when proper swing fundamentals can be maintained throughout. Create. Axe Bat Youth Speed Trainers Hitting System (2 Bat Set) with Driveline Training Program-31 inch Visit the Axe Bat Store. Unlock your fastest, most efficient swing with the Axe Handle, and train using methods drawn from the same rigor, discipline, and research that has characterized our highly successful pitching velocity program for years. The program will give both in-season and out of season athletes a weekly plan to follow for specific drills, sets, and reps. Oct 3, 2017; 5 ways to Increase Bat speed. Group 2 used a 62-oz weighted bat. ed to one of three training groups (n=8). Axe also offers a similar getup in a three bat selection. – 2 20% OVERLOAD BATS. The thickness of the object can be varied in certain spots, but the lathe does not lend itself to making asymmetrical designs. Live Streaming. 1 handle-loaded, 1 end-loaded, – AXE HANDLE for more bat speed and barrel control, reduced risk of hand/nerve injuries, – DURABLE one-piece alloy and composite constructions featuring reinforced barrels engineered for strength and durability. This fits your . weighted bat training, most by Coop Derenne, that support and verify training with weighted bats. Increase bat speed, hit the ball harder and give your young hitter/team the edge. The subgroup of hitters that trained with Axe Bats in our study but tested with round-knob bats performed slightly worse in total than the group, but not at a significant level. The Bat Speed Training program provides a detailed plan with drills, equipment and frequently asked questions on improving bat speed. The Driveline Hitting Program. Punching Tickets offers private lessons (hitting and pitching, as well as, Axe Bat Speed Trainers powered by Driveline programming With over 30 years of baseball experience, as players and coaches, we have a surplus of knowledge to pass on to our students. The lineup is Axe Bats’ deepest yet and includes two new angled end caps for speed and balance, more models for senior youth players, and an expanded selection of … Register Online Here. Throwing heavy/light baseballs does indeed help build strength and arm speed in the throwing Aug 13, 2020 #9 C. chrissymp. The Ghost X is a two-piece, all-composite bat. All three Axe Bats included in the system feature reinforced alloy or composite barrels, engineered for strength and durability with one-sided hitting, meaning all can be used with tee work or toss drills without compromising barrel integrity. Our best wood slowpitch bat is made from pro-grade maple and treated with a proprietary finish for maximum hardness, durability, and peak performance. Delivers more efficient power from the hands to the bat, through reduced tension, 4. With an in-house biomechanics lab, we focus on testing and retesting baseball drills and programs to develop the best pitching and hitting training. Hitters at Driveline swing all Axe Bat or they train using a mix of handles and swing a round-knob game bat. We are a data-driven baseball performance facility. Bat Speed Program. Everything we see points towards hitters who train with these bats have success regardless of the handle-style of their game bat. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. It follows the natural contours of your wrist and palm, giving you a more stable grip and allowing you to maintain precise control of your barrel, even while swinging at maximum effort. The Axe Bat Speed Program comes with 3 training bats. Axe Bat Speed Trainers come with angled, HyperWhip end caps and colored tips for easy identification. The result? The Bat Speed Training program is the same drills and resources that Coach Lisle uses with his players. Recommended For: High school and college hitters. This Beast Speed will have a stiff feel at contact where the Ghost X allows for a flex feel. Developed using the latest concepts in overload-underload training, it is backed by both independent research and studies conducted in our fully configured biomechanics lab. Axe Bat’s patented Axe Handle is the only handle designed to support the mechanics of the swing. Internal 8-Week Study Results. My weighted bat thesis and training experience is straightforward to the fact you won't need to read the studies. Driveline Baseball’s bat speed program serves as the perfect complement. 3 Precision Skill Bats from Axe Bat. Currently unavailable. For us, the decision to adopt an axe-handled training bats came down to the improvements in training effect and bat performance that could be achieved with the Axe Bat handle. Results from Driveline’s In-House Axe Bat Speed Trainer Study versus Control Group. The training program templates in the Axe Bat Speed program are the same that we use in-house. The other is handle-loaded, designed to develop hitters’ hand and bat speed. We have had players increase over 5 mph EV in just four weeks. Axe Bat Speed Program Powered by Driveline Baseball - YouTube Axe Bat Speed Trainers powered by Driveline Baseball. Carry-over from one handle to the other has not been an issue in either comfort or performance. This is the elite training program you need to hit the ball harder and farther next season. Under, Hand, and Over load bats designed to help create increase bat speed, control, and power. One is barrel-loaded, designed to develop hitters’ strength and power. Each Axe handle fits the biomechanics of your swing. An Ammo bat purchase comes with a program developed by SKLZ. The Axe Bat Speed Trainer gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve faster bat speeds with more barrel control for harder, longer hits. Group 3 alternated a 62-oz weighted bat and a light bat between each set. 1. Some players increase bat speed as much as 10 mph! Seven of the nine hitters in the study saw an increased hard hit exit velocity with the Axe Bat, and the p-value is a statistically significant 0.03. From a biomechanical analysis of hitters swinging Axe Bats versus conventional bats out of UCLA, Dr. Vijay Gupta confirmed: “The biomechanical study on these features, when compared to traditional round bat handles, confirms that the Axe handle: 2. Same program used by over 100 college and pro teams is now available for youth hitters! For hitting programming, we recommend our Axe Bat Speed System Program that is included within our Axe Bat Speed System. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. The Etta Express also will use Axe Bat's full line of weighted training bats for improving bat speed, barrel awareness, and swing path, in its player development program. Youth Axe Bat Speed Trainers Hitting System (9-13yr) WHAT COLLEGE COACHES ARE SAYING: VANDERBILT – “The Axe Bat Speed Trainers are a great training tool to help players create bat speed but also gain a greater understanding of grip identity in order to manipulate the barrel. See the full story here