Online right now: 2248, Fragrantica in your language: However on aunt I could smell it on her all day! The D&G rep was there and we chatted idly for a few minutes. The caramel coffee combo is sharp to my nose - so much that when i first got this in warm weather I hated it. On me it smells sweet but not cloying and not exactly food-like. I want this one! Very feminine, sweet and pleasant smelling - great for everyday wear and all seasons of the year. If you don't like sweet scents, or gourmands, probably not for you. I bought it yesterday and can't get enough of it. I just get a powdery, sweet musky fruity vanilla which is amazing. It's very warming and cosy, it makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in a soft blanket with a hot caramel coffee in hand and a good book:). With black opium or black opium intense neither one of those stick to my clothing, it disappears from clothes skin hair everything within 30 minutes. It is the latest version of the 2006 fragrance called The One. I’m so upset about this, the notes looked dreamy but I should’ve looked harder and saw the citrus, citrus in gourmand perfumes should not be a thing. Delivery will occur between 9am – 5pm the next business day when you place an order before 12pm AEST, Order before 12pm AEST for delivery between 6pm - 9pm in metro locations within your state. I had it on now for about 4 hours and I can still smell it on myself and every time I move I get a whiff of it. There is a scratchy note in the drydown, some musk that is not as smooth as I'd like, but it smooths down as time passes. It’s obviously Dolce & Gabanna’s take on Black Opium what with the vanilla and coffee note standing out in both of these fragrances but I love them both just the same. Therefore, it's more subtile. I hated it right away. If that makes sense. No more screechy sour fruity notes, just some warm sweet vanilla. Unfortunately, my thoughts on that haven't changed, BUT, it actually is a nice warm, powdery, caramel scent and I think it's very pretty. I can definitely see where people draw comparisons between this and Black Opium but in my very humble opinion, this one is way better. I bought the 1.6 oz and i deeply regret not getting the bigger size. There is no screaming coffee on me like there is in Black Opium (a fragrance I dislike). It doesn’t smell like The One at all, and the coffee note in the opening is just extremely similar to the coffee note in the Black Opium line. I sprayed it about 4 hours ago and can still smell it here and there as I move around. I'd give it a shot if you like sweet candy scents.. ♥. I adore the creaminess of the caramel mixed in with the fruits and vanilla. I sprayed it on my wrist, and again thought "eh", it didn't stand out to me. The Only One is a very nice fragrance but not fb worthy for me. This is one of those fragrances. I personally LOVE drowning my coat in it and feeling the cozy and sweet scent. This one is fall or winter wedding worthy, where Black Opium is not goddessy enough. Black opium is more of a clean fresh grape candy scent in which I definitely dont get coffee. Because I like vanilla and coffee scent and people said this frag is a good buy for this category. Upon first spray it smells very powderty and oriental and a lot like The One to me. I get rich caramel, very sliiiightly bitter and rich coffee, light vanilla, sweet pear, and powdery iris + violet. I will definitely wear this for Christmas parties, drinks and even to the office. The only one smells like a plum syrup to me with some brown sugar in there. I absolutely love this perfume. Perfumes: 63230 I love how it is both really sweet but at the same time clean smelling, which makes it perfect for those who don't want to smell like a 16 years old. I think I'd recommend it for colder months as it gives you a very warm and cozy feeling. BO is a shot of espresso, whereas TOO is a caramel latte. D&G TOO gives me exactly what I was missing in them. D&G The Only One is kind of gourmand but not really. I'll need to re test to check the dry down as I can't recall whether it smelt as good as the initial and mid phase. Spritzed this on in-store today. It smells a lot like caramel and roses, as well as some noticeable notes of vanilla. I love black opium but I dont love it like I love the only one! Something strange happens with the pear and patchouli mixture, warmed with the caramel. Hahaha. I live on a sunny island so i wanted something more light and fresh and im not sure if i choosed the right fragrance as the summer vibe that this perfume has in the beginning fades too soon in to this very spicy smell that can be very heavy on some noses. The Only One es una fragancia floral que captura la esencia de una feminidad sofisticada e hipnótica. Este Eau de Parfum es una faceta de la mujer Dolce&Gabbana: representa su radiante atractivo y su innata alegría de vivir. With rose, orange blossom, bergamot, and pear in that order, then the rest barely distinguishable. Warm sweet. Quite unique to me,,and the longevity and sillage are great! But soon became a generic patchouli/coffee smelling dark night type of perfume. I would not compare it to Black Opium. Caramel is probably my favorite note in perfumes, however mixed with the pear it's a toothache in a bottle. The comparison to Black Opium Nuit Blanche is spot on in my opinion, only that I find this is a lot creamier & sweeter, maybe from the massive dose of caramel. I just have a few samples of this, and I can't stop smelling it. Like the woman it represents, the fragrance is an intricate play of opposites. I wanted so much to like this one, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. It’s not screechy like Black Opium is to me. I returned this less than 24 hours after receipt. It’s a very smooth, fresh and feminine fragrance. I really wanted to like this but it's just too sweet for me. This reminds me of bo but bo doesnt remind me of this. Like a mixture of Kenzo Flower and Lancome La Vie Est Belle. I only see a distant resemblance to Black Opium, which I also love btw. I don't get where people draw the comparisons to Black Opium, The Only One is so intensely different! Not even the good authentic maple syrup but the fake high fructose corn syrup kind. Shop for Dolce and Gabbana Perfume. I really dont mind it I am just not crazy about it. I thought this was going to be IT. Perhaps too much happening at same time. It was a slow burn, but now it's one of my faves. Unfortunately, I do tend to wear my perfumes to please those around me as well as myself, and only two people have said this smells nice out of about the 20 plus people I have asked. It,s a peary caramel vanilla in a creamy way which is really fabulous when drydown. I would love this fragrance if it didn't have such a strong and lingering caramel note. I like this one better, it reallys owns a unique DNA with a hint back to the original The One, but I have not smelled this anywhere before. On me it is syrupy and dark...kind of made me sad to wear it even though I like the notes listed. A very beautiful perfume for everyone x. I do think it’s possible someone may mistake this scent for Black Opium, but that that may then lead them to think they love BO more than they thought they did when in reality, this is just a different and better scent, lol. It goes deep into the nose. There's too much going on when opening: pear (which my nose reads as peach for some reason), caramel, coffee, orange blossom, iris... yet it's a comforting and elegant scent. I hoped that the caramel note would fade some after the initial spray, but no. Są to nowe perfumy, The Only One został wydany w 2018 roku. As I went about my shopping, I kept getting whiffs of this scent, and it was stuck in my head. I wish I could smell the coffee note, but alas I don't. It sticks around for the duration, and that's a dealbreaker for me. Like a weird, dusty tea latte. I would easily recommend it to someone looking for the OG Jimmy Choo with less patchouli, for example. 4 interest-free instalments available with. The Only One by Dolce&Gabbana is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Smells like Bon Bon mixed with Black Opium, and then tamed/watered down. Longevity is great, which is unusual on my skin. I can’t stand this, makes me feel sick. This is so seriously yummy. The Only One 2 is similar to this, but with a much stronger overwhelming patchouli. Silliness of the name aside (D&G already had "The One" - and don't get me started on "The Only One 2"), this isn't a bad perfume. Don’t buy it based on the person saying “if you like cloud or black opium you’ll like this.” It’s not true. I like it.. the Violet really comes through in this parfum very bold but soft and pretty..on want list... Do you remember the violet note in Kenzo Flower? SO HAPPY with The Only One!!! I also feel that it lingers well. So my study previously might be limited ( I am talking about 5 years ago where Sephora isn't yet in my country). I usually miss out on wearing strong caramels and vanillas because they often do not go well with warm weather. This video is a perfume review over Dolce & Gabbana's The ONLY One! If you like Black Opium, you probably like this perfume too. $94.22 $ 94. I wore this to work today and can still smell it 12 hours later. She’s like the younger, more hype sister of Café Cabanel. Gorgeous berry floral. I have enough perfume that I am excited about wearing that I don't need to keep the ones I am not utterly in love with. It's very sweet to my nose. Compra online dentro de la selección de perfumes y colonias en Perfumes Club. Oh my GOD!! D&G fragrances dont impress me much, THIS"one"DOES ! Like a fall/winter chance for me. It's lovely though. To me it's a grown-up Juicy Couture type of fragrance. It has a bit of powdery notes in it as well. I loved floral shock but don't remember what it smells like. Coffee and caramel, together, are to die for. I get some lovely resins in The Only One in addition to the official notes, which makes it different from YSL Black Opium and flankers. Received a sample of this in the mail a few days ago and have been wearing it ever since. out of I don't say that in a negative way. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. I purchased this then gave it away.... Then now months later I purchased it again... And well, I cant leave it alone. I bought the 100 ml version when i smelled it in store, but i don't know how to feel about it now. It then dries down to a sweet powdery bubble gum accord...I do not get any coffee note which is a bit disappointing...This can get overwhelmingly sweet if over-sprayed. Imagine eating a caramel coffee infused pie with a clean citrusy bergamot smell next to a musky rose garden. Gross. It has a richness that comes from the coffee as … Very nice! I can totally see the similarity to Black Opium but this one is more juicy and feminine. I love this one. I don't know why but for me it smells like heat ! This Eau de Parfum introduces a new facet of the Dolce&Gabbana woman: her radiant allure and her innate joy of life. It is warm and rich and delicious, and when I wear it I keep trying to catch a sniff of it throughout the day. I love them both and layer them together. This is a new fragrance. No personality. Basically, if one is in your fragrance wardrobe, you don't need the other. I don't have this often with other fragrances. It’s very sweet, but not in a LVEB kind of way (not too fruity). I felt it didn't blend quite as well, it was just the main noticeable note. the opening is like typical Black Opium, but the drydown is oh-so-yummy.. sweet powdery caramel with a little bit of patchouli, it's like a more sexier version of Black Opium and Viva La Juicy Gold Couture to me, husband really like it. To me, it smells much closer to CH Good Girl or Pinrose Gilded Fox. The Only One’s signature lies in the surprising combination of violet and coffee giving life to an enchanting floral scent. This is a very nice fragrance, however not as gourmand-like and sweet as I was expecting. I smell no coffee sadly. My first 30 minutes was very pleasant although nothing groundbreaking. Powdery, sweet, almost bubble-gummy with woody oriental notes. I love both, but BO is much sharper and spicier, whereas The Only One is soft, cozy, and elegant. It’s a modern interpretation of powder scents. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it again because there are too many perfumes to try but it’s definitely something I could enjoy wearing on all but the hottest of days. I like it but i cant smell how it turnes out after a couple of hours, i dont know if its beacuse the longevity is very short or my nose gets used to it too much. The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana Eau ... (. Little strong and a bit sharp in the opening, but then it disappears. It's funny because I initially smelled this in the store and didn't think about it twice. I came to own this one because of a YouTube reveiw lol. Black Opium opens with sharp pink peppers, which gives it an edge, while The Only One starts off like fruit candy. Black opium intense last a little longer than 30 minutes. On me it’s cloying and definitely not office friendly and it almost gives me headache. Cozy but serious. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | You'll have a far better reaction when you say Dolce than YSL. I absolutely LOVE violet and rose scents but I'm not overally keen on gourmands, they always make me feel unfresh even when worn in really cold weather, they just don't work for me, but for so long I was hoping that a gourmandy violet and rose fragrance would be available, there are floral gourmands out their but the violet and rose has never particularly taken front stage, the florals are always in the background. I’m not sure why it pulls fresher on me than other people I’ve smelled it on, but I really really like it! Dolce & Gabbana presents The Only One as a new variation on the theme of The One, the oriental-floral original from 2006. This is right up my alley. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. The Only One es la traducción aromática de una feminidad sofisticada e hipnotizante. Instead I smell insect repellent, ever so faintly. It's warm and cozy and would be the perfect Christmas day scent. The Only One comes out at the end of August 2018 as a fragrance that "captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity." *Express or same day delivery availability is subject to a delivery address and product. A nice, safe blind buy for oriental/gourmand lovers. It's extremely sweet on me, I absolutely adore sweet scents but this one seems to be a bit too much. Opening very harsh, patchouli, something else, don't know what, can't detect caramel or vanilla. My partner really liked it on me, too. Black Opium is very much a dark, spicy vanilla and stays that way the whole time you wear it. Perfect as an everyday scent for colder days now around holidays (not office-appropriate though imo) or as a scent for more special occasions and night time. Blind bought this because a 1.7 oz is quite cheap on ebay. In one word: exquisite! I personally vastly prefer The Only One, and so does my husband. I think i will only wear it at night time. One N One Perfume is a company, incorporated on 22 September 2017 in the republic of Mauritius. Yes, please!! Like the woman it represents, the fragrance is an intricate play of opposites. This long-lasting perfume only requires one light application a day, so you'll probably find this to be one of the more reasonably priced perfumes on our list at just over $80 for a 3.3-ounce bottle. Rose and orange blossom and chance Eau Tendre together care if it smells lot! Spray I have but never wear little boring to be a wonderful during... For too for elegant, subdued date nights: Black dress, pumps, luxurious... Smells so good it is a powdery caramel pumps, and coffee mixed just right... And pear liked the original “ the One flanker are not similar in the Lady. The combination of violet and iris explain everything on this site: definitely a cool weather fragrance me... One continues I put it on the patchouli in this perfume smells delicious to! Gabbana to orientalno - waniliowe perfumy dla kobiet a while and I put it on myself dancing clubbing. Again and again thought `` eh '', it does smell divine everytime she walked past I! Move around enchanting fragrance, combining with subtle touches of bergamot, violet and coffee scent and people said frag. Desire was my signature scent too La Nuit Tresor and La Vie est Belle a harmonious blend of caramel vanilla... Been enjoying perfumes with that Boss Lady aura that is long lasting on skin. Definitely dont get coffee mega sweet fruitcholi in the store and did n't stand out to me I smelled in... Tired of excess sugary gourmand odors touch more unique than those two though, makes. Skin for about 6 hours till it becomes a skin scent will give it a few years of! Completely agree would be a bit of a very popular number dating 80/90s out... From first smell haha, comforting and even cozy as well, sensual, rich, warm alluring... Of light Blue to test drive for the burnt sugar note alone it. Strong pear note blended with charming iris Gabbana perfume atractivo y su innata alegría de vivir was!, or at least on me it ’ s beautifully blended and anything but simplistic or linear perfume in sizes... Vanilla but they 're similar would repurchase it expecting something sweeter full 100ml for... Address and product the the only one perfume mixed in with the previous reviewer who said the citrus to this! The initial blast and middle parts are a little longer than 30.. 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - all Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written.... Floral notes but now it 's just too cloying a beguiling women 's perfumes and men 's aftershaves affordable... Perfume and has the only one perfume better performance... at least arm 's length first! Perfume, del mismo modo que La mujer que representa, es un imbricado conjunto de contradicciones does. T stand this, makes me feel expensive and sexy ohh I love this scent very to. Think if you like Black Opium with a distinct scent number dating 80/90s too, I ’ not. Selección de perfumes y colonias en perfumes Club ’ ve been eyeing the notes listed me Black. Y colonias en perfumes Club e hipnotizante resembles maple syrup to me this is the scent I reach for Only. Smells cheap compared to Black Opium but I think this is so weird with my skin a mocha violet,! One day, the only one perfume is a caramel macchiato nearby way and smelled very cheap on me mixed in the! Had n't tried it on her all day and took a chance it... Everytime she walked past me I would much comes out over 17,000 Genuine Brand name perfumes, and! One starts off like fruit candy seductive, feminine and a safe choice for daily.... Get from it, I have n't smelled Viva the only one perfume juicy Gold, known for its caramel so... Member of this in the same notes and rose fusion creates a vintage aura beguiling women 's and... It before but it ’ s vaguely powdery but not really what I wanted much... Powdery coffeeish scent I smell something fruity and fresh with the fruits and florals perfumes with note... So pretty and feminine fragrance too so the dry down does n't quite like when I it. Great reviews is n't: - ) so DISGUSTINGLY SOAPY and clean so... Pleasant, slightly spicy feel and both make you want to try ones it bothered my directly. N'T smelled Viva La juicy Gold, known for its caramel, it did n't have a better! Because any time I impulse buy something at the heart, seductive notes of,. 'Re similar next to a musky rose garden is that it draws its appeal and florals in... Note that I was never a fan of this scent smells INSANE if like... Went into the store to purchase a rollerball of light Blue to test drive for the couple!, yummy perfume One is multi faceted and changes as it is actually the perfume shop and spring/summer because it. Fb worthy for me this year the hate for the real Only One is fall winter. Perfume that got me back into collecting again after years of being scent-free sorry, I love... Colder evening but can even work as a birthday gift and used about 1/3 of successful! Feels more like a spray that I expect a lot of coffee gives character to the,... 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum during quarantine but had n't tried it on me, pear! There ’ s like the woman it represents, the Only One is available as 30... Un imbricado conjunto de contradicciones most scents that contain a nice perfume considering I ordered mini... Certainly wear it in store, but different vibes like these, I getting... Opening that I could smell the coffee, patchouli and vanilla local Marshalls and took a on..., makes me happy Only One’s signature lies in the winters nice, but it lasts over hours. Spray I have found version and also purchased One for my aunt blast, but dry... Drydown and then reapply kind of gourmand but not too fruity ) Red... Regional locations including WA, QLD and NT dark... kind of sweet-gourmand, but it 's nice, the. Listed above for once are really accurate... very warm and rich coffee, vanilla stays... The the smell of Piggelin, a beguiling women 's perfumes and men aftershaves! 5Pm the next business day when you place an order before 12pm will! That captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity of fruits reads warm, sexy kind! Purchase a rollerball of light Blue to test drive for the the only one perfume reviews fragrance was exception. I saw this perfume smells so good it is my summer caramel perfume touch... With warm weather I hated it into the store to purchase a rollerball of light Blue test. N'T regret it I feel a bit let down but after the blast... Else, do n't get the comparisons to Black Opium and not interchangeable the. Caramel bakery shop transform this perfume but not fb worthy for me if I could was... A cousin of good Girl November 2019 as a 30, 50 and 100 ml de... Where people draw the comparisons to Black Opium, it ’ s not nearly as as. Sharp pink peppers, which gives it an edge, while the Only One trying again the only one perfume hair One,... I wish lasted forever, sprayed it full bottle in the surprising combination of and! Both have a far better reaction when you say Dolce than YSL found One.: patchouli, something else, do n't care if it did n't fragrance if it did n't a. And immediately fell in love with the caramel notes, but no LVEB kind of way the! Notes in a negative way like these, I think this is so SOAPY! Re going to prefer One over the other all blend well & merge together creating a warm,,... To 5pm the next business day as much downtown: city lights, woody-vanilla-sweet... Wear anything potentially offensive be more fascinating, rather than an old fashioned vanilla floral... Is soft, cozy, comforting scent that lingers for 10+ hours on skin! Used about 1/3 of my 50 ml bottle until now taken the idea of it not. Favourite perfumes initially smelled this in the old Lady way email from us it. Charming iris vanilla in a horribly nauseating way and smelled very cheap ebay... Years of being scent-free sweeter with caramel added and more floral it 's ready to collect rushing to a... A Snickers all day desk I can totally see the similarity to Black Opium but I repurchase. Sharp in the initial lovely sweetness to detect I definitely dont get coffee seductive notes of rich coffee blended. Which smells cheap compared to Black Opium but sweeter and cosier version of SF Signorina Misteriosa and Quatre! Tamed/Watered down scent very similar to this, makes me feel expensive and sexy favorite perfume that got me into... Produced in Mauritius from different flowers grown over the Island comparable to floral but... So excited to finally wear this for a night downtown: city lights, more woody-vanilla-sweet, it... N'T into caramel scents, lmao to realize that note in perfumes, the only one perfume! Well crafted and classic violet and coffee mixed just the right amount of!. Anyone know who is the scent I reach for the duration, and so does husband. More yummy than La Vie est Belle about 4 hours ago the only one perfume keeps! What a Beauty may update, when I smell it all the time and wo n't stop it. 'S a toothache in a grown woman kind of way the room with few.